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What Are the Advantages of Flexible Product Packaging? September 14, 2020

Harriman, Orange
What Are the Advantages of Flexible Product Packaging?, Harriman, New York

Flexible product packaging uses non-rigid materials, such as plastic, paper, aluminum, and film. Some examples include slider bags, stand-up pouches, and film sleeves, which simplify production and streamline shipping. Use this guide to learn more about the perks of using these materials to sell your merchandise, whether its food or personal care products.

4 Benefits of Flexible Product Packaging

1. Strength

Flexible product packaging is designed to withstand impacts. As opposed to rigid materials that may dent or get crushed, stand-up pouches and spouted bags are malleable yet durable enough to protect their contents under excess weight or pressure. They’re also waterproof, which keeps contents from getting wet and preserves the exterior artwork. 

2. Cheaper Shipping

product packagingShipping rates for bulk products are based on size and weight. Since flexible packaging is lightweight, it’s much less expensive to ship, and you can include more items in each box or pallet. The money you save sending products to distributors and suppliers will keep your bottom line low.

3. Design Possibilities 

Since flexible packaging is made from plastic, it presents more possibilities for design and customization. You can personalize your products with high-quality logos, labels, and vibrant colors that represent your brand more accurately, stand out on the shelves, and draw the attention of buyers. 

4. Eco-Friendly

Bags and pouches often feature seals or zipper openings that make them easy to reuse for storing other materials after their original contents have been consumed. This keeps them out of landfills, which reduces waste and greenhouse emissions.


When you’re ready to switch to flexible product packaging for food, drinks, pharmaceuticals, or home cleaning products, get in touch with Rubee Flex Packaging. They provide custom packaging to businesses throughout Harriman, NY. Call (516) 274-8080 to get started on designing eco-friendly options for your products. Visit the website to learn more about style and size options for stand-up pouches, flexible bags, and films. 

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