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3 Advantages of Land Clearing September 14, 2020

Chillicothe, Ross
3 Advantages of Land Clearing, Chillicothe, Ohio


Land clearing is the first step of building on raw land and essential for creating a supportive construction site. It requires a lot of earth-moving and tree and shrub removal, which is why it’s always wise to work with professionals. Many immediate and long-term advantages come with this service, so consider the following as you organize your next construction project.

What Are the Benefits of Land Clearing Services?

1. Creating a Safer Construction Site

Overgrown land can catch fire quickly. All it takes is a spark from a saw blade or welding torch. You immediately create a safer worksite when you remove shrubs, trees, and grasses. You’re also reducing the risk of tree limbs falling or employees stumbling over stumps and brush and injuring themselves.

Removing foliage can also keep pests away. Biting ants, stinging wasps, and rats and mice carrying diseases will move on and nest elsewhere. They’re less likely to cause issues like gnawing on wiring and insulation that waste building materials down the road.

2. Improving Soil Quality

land-clearing-chillicotheYou want a firm, well-supported soil foundation to keep your building from shifting. During land clearing, professionals will remove dead trees, root systems, and large mineral and rock deposits in the soil that reduce its supportiveness.

These can also get in the way when installing a septic tank, sewer line, or underground utilities. You’ll ultimately enjoy better, more workable soil that will benefit your building forever.

3. Promoting Healthy Plant Growth

Many home and building owners decide to leave a few trees as privacy barriers or centerpieces of their landscaping. Removing shrubs and smaller foliage that take up healthy soil and moisture creates room for remaining plants to thrive.

Wildflowers will receive more sunlight and moisture if you remove trees that are shading them. When it comes time to plant landscaping, you’ll have created the ideal environment for them to grow in.


If you’re looking for land clearing services in the Chillicothe, OH, area, the professionals at Gillum Excavating and Demolition can help. They’re backed by 50 years of experience and provide comprehensive land clearing and excavating work. Their team can also help with building demolition, which you can learn about on their website. Call (740) 773-3425 to discuss your upcoming project with a representative.

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