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4 FAQ About Propane Fireplaces September 11, 2020

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4 FAQ About Propane Fireplaces, Piedmont, Alabama

When there’s a chill in the air, nothing beats a toasty fire to help you warm up and create a cozy atmosphere. While a traditional wood-burning fireplace is always an option, a more convenient choice for many homeowners is a propane fireplace. With just the flip of a switch, you can enjoy a fire without chopping wood or dealing with smoke. Before you add one to your home, though, here are answers to some of the most common questions. 

What to Know About Burning Propane

Are gas fireplaces safe?

In many ways, propane fireplaces are safer than wood-burning ones. For starters, when you turn off the gas, the fire immediately goes out and the logs will cool down.

Wood, on the other hand, can smolder for hours even after the fire has gone out, creating a greater risk for a house fire or accident. There’s also no ash or creosote buildup, which can lead to a chimney fire or risk of smoke inhalation. 

How efficient are propane fireplaces?

fireplaceOne of the biggest advantages of a propane fireplace is its efficiency. Heating with gas provides six times as much heating capacity as wood and can burn longer and cleaner. Gas fireplaces release fewer emissions than wood-burning options; by some estimates, gas is as much as 4000% percent cleaner than wood.

This can be beneficial if you or your family have allergies or respiratory issues, as the fire won't release any fine particles that can be irritating to the lungs, like wood can.

Is a propane fireplace affordable? 

Although there is an initial investment, investing in a propane insert can save you money on your heating bills over time. You can even take your existing fireplace and convert it to one that uses propane. Propane costs less than electricity, while also producing more heat. This efficiency will save money in the long term, making a gas insert a smart money move. 

How do I maintain a gas fireplace?

In order to maintain your propane fireplace, keep the vent, blower, and logs clean and free of dust. Allowing sticks and leaves to block the vent, for instance, can cause a fire or carbon monoxide to leak into your home, while dust can damage sensors. Other than cleaning, your fireplace will only need an annual inspection and maintenance appointment to check for problems and keep the unit in good condition. 


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