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3 Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Transmission August 28, 2020

Colerain, Hamilton
3 Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Transmission, Colerain, Ohio

Whether you're sourcing parts for a classic car or saving money on a significant repair, investing in a used transmission might be your best bet. However, it isn't always easy to find a high-quality product. To ensure you get the best part for your vehicle, consider the following.

What You Should Inspect Before Buying a Used Transmission

1. Its Warranty

Whether you're sourcing parts from a junkyard or shopping at a used auto parts store, there may be a warranty intact that gives you the chance to return a transmission. Talk with the owners to see if a warranty is available, how long it'll cover your purchase, and if there are any restrictions on returns.

2. How It Runs

transmissionAfter you find the proper make and model, take the vehicle on a test drive before removing the transmission. This can help you determine if the car shifts into gears seamlessly, or if there are delays, noises, or power problems that could indicate damage. Pay attention to tell-tell signs of transmission problems, including grinding noises, slipped gears, or the car going into neutral.

3. Its Physical Condition

If the transmission passes the road test, remove it from the vehicle to check for rust, leaking fluids, and cracks. If you're new to car repairs, take photos of the transmission from all angles, and show them to an experienced mechanic. They may notice issues you miss, which could save you a lot of time and money.


If you’re looking for a used transmission from a reputable team, turn to Northgate Transmissions in Cincinnati, OH. For more than 30 years, these trusted mechanics have been diagnosing, repairing, and servicing transmissions, making it easier for people to keep their cars safe and functional. They stand behind every job they do, so you can trust that you’ll receive excellent customer service. To find out more about how they can help, visit their website or call (513) 385-4400.

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