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How Do Bats Use Echolocation? August 1, 2020

Milford, Miami
How Do Bats Use Echolocation? , Miami, Ohio

One of the biggest misconceptions about bats is that they’re blind. However, their eyesight is just as developed as other mammals, but they tend to see best in dim light by using echolocation. This technique helps them navigate through the dark by utilizing sound waves to discover the location of objects nearby, and it must be considered during bat removal efforts. The following guide explains how these nocturnal animals apply echolocation to their nighttime activities.

When Do They Use It?

For bats, the primary purpose of echolocation is to hunt for prey. They emit ultrasonic sound waves that produce an echo upon hitting an object, which then bounces off of the object and travels back to the bats’ ears. Then, the animal will analyze it to determine the object’s shape and size and how far away it is. This makes it possible for them to find food sources, such as insects.

Echolocation also allows bats to fly around in total darkness without colliding into objects. Their sonar skills give them the ability to differentiate between prey and various structures. Aside from keeping them safe from injury, the information they receive provides an accurate idea of their surroundings so they can easily find shelter within caves, forests, or buildings.

Does It Make Them Harder to Remove?

bat removalBats echolocate at a frequency that’s typically too high for human ears to hear. In turn, it’s not always possible to identify their location once they become active at night. This can make it challenging to successfully achieve bat removal.

Additionally, they can be difficult to catch since they’re able to use echolocation to warn them when an object larger than the size of an insect is moving in their direction. Fortunately, bat removal professionals are familiar with the habits of these creatures and know which tools and strategies are proven to get rid of infestations.


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