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3 Ways SD-WAN Improves Cybersecurity September 7, 2020

New York, New York
3 Ways SD-WAN Improves Cybersecurity, New York, New York

SD-WAN (software-defined networking in a wide area network) joins different business networks, including those from satellite offices and call centers, through software. A fast and reliable way to connect branches, it has become a must-have service for enterprises. Below are a few ways this innovative system will keep your business safe.

How SD-WAN Boosts Network Security 

1. Reduces Attack Points

The more networks a business uses, the more potential breach points exist. One office, for example, may not have updated anti-malware programs and expose the company to threats. SD-WAN creates a universal security system for all users. With a single entry point for access, your system is easier to monitor and safeguard with software.

2. Provides Encryption

sd-wanSD-WAN technology encrypts data that your employees upload and download, allowing only those with authorized credentials to view it. The system offers this protection to both branch-to-branch communication and any information stored in the cloud. With encryption, unauthorized users aren’t able to decode any confidential information even if they intercept it.

3. Identifies Threats

While monitoring data transfer, SD-WAN systems identify inconsistencies in network security, suspicious activities, and potential network vulnerabilities. For example, they actively capture and quarantine suspicious messages that could contain malware.

They also learn from the monitored activity to perfect their detection tools according to your business’s operations. An IT consultant can even program new skills into the software to comply with any requirements that new clients, such as health care companies, have about data confidentiality.


If you want to implement SD-WAN in your business, contact Mojo Tech. Based in Long Island, NY, this IT consultant works with companies across the U.S. to create safer, more efficient workplaces. Their team creates custom packages to improve the cybersecurity practices and cloud services of each client. Explore the full scope of their work on their website, or call (631) 604-4318 to discuss your business.

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