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How to Care for Your Water Softener System September 14, 2020

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How to Care for Your Water Softener System, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

A water softener will make a lasting difference for your residential water system, preventing mineral buildup that can clog pipes and wear out appliances and faucets. While a water softener can help you avoid a wide array of repair and maintenance issues, it still needs some maintenance itself. Here is what you need to do to care for your water softener.

Brine Tank

residential water systemsThe most important task for maintaining your brine tank is to ensure that there is enough salt. It is generally best to refill the tank when salt levels drop to one-quarter full.

Fill the tank to about two-thirds full, as overfilling the tank could lead to clogs or hardened salt bridges. Salt bridges will need to be broken up and removed from the tank so they don’t interfere with water softener function. The use of pure evaporated salt is less likely to cause these issues.

The brine tank should also be cleaned periodically. After turning off the water softener, drain the water. Scoop out most of the salt and brine before vacuuming the residue out with a wet-dry vacuum. Refill the tank with fresh salt.

Resin Tank

The resin tank sits inside the brine tank. This part of your residential water system will occasionally need to have the resin replaced. Dump the old resin out of the tank after removing it from the water softener, then fill it with new resin using a new distributor tube. You can also improve resin performance by periodically flushing the resin tank with a specialty cleaner and then regenerating the system.


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