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4 Signs of a Failing Timing Belt September 11, 2020

Twin, Ross
4 Signs of a Failing Timing Belt, Twin, Ohio

The timing belt in your car allows the engine camshaft and crankshaft to rotate simultaneously. This ensures that your engine’s cylinders fire at the correct times, which powers the vehicle. Because of this, you need regular auto service to check this belt and replace it when necessary. Below are a few indications that it is failing.

When Should You Replace a Timing Belt?

1. Difficulty Starting

If the timing belt breaks, the camshaft and crankshaft will not operate, causing the engine to remain stationary. When the engine won’t turn over, it will not ignite the fuel and turn on. Since an engine can fail to turn over for other reasons—such as a dead battery, faulty starter connection, and bad starter motor—you should have an auto service center diagnose the problem accurately.

2. Engine Smoke

auto servicesEvery engine cylinder features two holes. One of these brings in outside air, and the other releases the exhaust. The engine must synchronize the opening and closing of these holes to accommodate cylinder movements and camshaft rotations. However, if the timing belt is failing, it will interfere with air intake and exhaust removal. This causes smoke to come from the engine and exhaust system.

3. Misfires

Since the camshaft and crankshaft regulate cylinder firing times, the engine will misfire when the timing belt slips, wears out, or breaks. A cylinder may open or close too quickly, creating loud banging noises. Misfiring can also cause rough idling, cabin vibrations, and slow acceleration when you depress the gas pedal.

4. Squealing Sounds

If you hear squealing noises when you accelerate or idle, the timing belt is wearing out and will break soon. If you have a non-interference engine, a broken timing belt will not damage the engine. The pistons in non-interference engines are at the top of the component and never collide with cylinder valves when they are completely open. However, if you do not have a non-interference engine, a broken timing belt can bend cylinder valves without timely auto service. 


Whether you suspect a failing timing belt or another vehicle problem, contact Top Quality Auto Parts & Accessories Inc. They have a team of qualified, experienced mechanics that have been providing dependable services for over 20 years throughout Chillicothe, OH. Call (740) 775-8111 to schedule auto service. Visit them online for more information about their services. Add auto maintenance tips to your feed by liking the Facebook page

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