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How the Aerospace Industry Makes Use of Hard Chrome Plating July 24, 2020

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How the Aerospace Industry Makes Use of Hard Chrome Plating, Woodlawn, Ohio

When you think of hard chrome, you might envision hydraulic rods, or piston rods in manufacturing. However, in the aerospace industry, hard chrome serves several purposes. With hard chrome plating, engineers, pilots, and other industry professionals can get to work with peace of mind. If you’re not familiar with this refinishing technique, use the following guide to learn how it benefits the aerospace industry.

What Is Hard Chrome Plating?

To plate aerospace parts with hard chrome, metal finishing experts use electricity. First, the raw parts are dipped into a bath of dissolved chromium.

Then, a stream of voltage extracts the liquid metal and binds it to the surface of the part, leaving a perfectly even layer of chrome behind. Once it has cured, the chrome plating acts like a protective sealant.

Why Is It Necessary for the Aerospace Industry?

hard chrome platingWhen planes and rockets are hurling through the atmosphere, the high speed and extreme temperature can take a toll on the structural components. In some cases, the gases can lead to corrosion, eating away at the metal parts and weakening the aircraft.

Luckily, hard chrome plating seals the sensitive, underlying metal from these harsh conditions, as it isn’t subject to the corrosion that steel, titanium, magnesium, and other metals are. If corrosion doesn’t occur, the un-plated metal may be damaged by friction, such as from air resistance, exhaust, and airborne debris.

Hard chrome plating is especially helpful for areas exposed to constant wear and tear, such as rotors, suspension systems, and engine components. If an aircraft’s parts have deteriorated, hard chrome plating can also be used as a restorative measure—to reseal the exterior of time-worn components and stave off the need for part replacements.


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