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Why Causes Gutters to Sag? July 27, 2020

Hamilton, La Crosse County
Why Causes Gutters to Sag?, Hamilton, Wisconsin

If your gutters are sagging in the middle, they’re not functioning as they should. Every time it rains, water flows over the weakened edges. Over time, the pooling that results on the ground below can cause extensive damage to your home’s foundation by allowing the water to seep into the concrete, causing cracks and, eventually, flooding. If you identify the cause of the sagging, though, you can address it promptly, thereby preventing any such issues. 

3 Reasons Why Gutters Sag

1. Improper Installation 

If gutters aren’t anchored securely to the edge of the roof, they’re not going to be able to withstand the weight of the water that flows through them (or of the leaves and other debris that have accumulated). Over time, this will lead to sagging, especially in the areas where the hangers are spaced too far apart. 

2. Pesky Wildlife

guttersRaccoons, possums, rats, and other pests are inclined to take shelter inside of empty gutters. Not only do they offer a high vantage point, thereby making it easier to avoid predators, but they also provide a cozy spot to raise a litter or forage for food and nesting materials. Since gutters aren’t actually designed to withstand the weight of an entire raccoon family—or their nest—such inhabitants can cause severe sagging. 

3. Warped Materials 

In extreme temperatures, vinyl, aluminum, and even steel can expand and contract. After just a few summers and winters, this constant shifting can lead to permanently warped materials. If your gutter system is sagging because it’s visibly warped, replacing it entirely may be the best way to proceed. 


If your gutters are sagging, turn to Advanced Seamless Inc. to reinforce or replace them. Operating out of West Salem, WI, this gutter contractor was founded in 1989 and has been installing seamless aluminum systems ever since. Their products are available in a broad range of colors and finishes to match the aesthetic of every client’s home. To learn more about their custom-fitted gutter protection system, visit their website, or call (608) 786-2929 to request a quote. 

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