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4 FAQs About Sump Pumps September 7, 2020

Saratoga, Wood
4 FAQs About Sump Pumps , Saratoga, Wisconsin

If you have a basement, water from the surrounding soil is constantly seeping in. Your sump pump is essential to gather the water and pump it out to keep your basement dry. If your pump isn’t doing its job correctly, you need to identify the issue so you can let your plumber know. Here are a few of the most common sump pump problems and what to do about them.

A Basic Guide to Sump Pump Troubleshooting

What should I do if there’s no water coming out?

If you can hear the pump running, but it’s not moving the water, then the pipe or the intake may be clogged. Try disconnecting the unit, then remove the screen over the intake to see if there’s a visible clog. Otherwise, it’s possible the pump is air-locked. This means air got inside the unit so the pump can’t draw water anymore. It could also be that there’s a leak. These are best left to a plumber to find and fix.

What does it mean if the pump turns on and off too quickly?

One common cause is a badly adjusted float switch, which prompts a shutoff before the basin is drained. However, the problem might not be the pump at all; instead, the basin might be too small, so it drains and fills again very quickly. Watch the water level to see whether it drains, and let your pump installation and repair professional know.

What if the pump won’t start at all?

sump pumpFirst, check whether the pump is receiving electricity by checking the breaker and then trying to activate the unit. If there’s power, but the unit won’t turn on, the next most likely problem is a stuck or poorly adjusted float switch. This is a small floating ball or capsule which sits on top of the water; when the water level gets high enough, it activates the switch. If it’s obviously stuck, try to free it. If this doesn’t help, the switch level may need to be adjusted, or the pump may be jammed or overheated—all of which are problems for a plumber to solve.

What if the pump is constantly running?

The problem could be the float switch if it’s stuck in an activated position or a clog that’s keeping the basin from draining. However, another common cause is a pump too small for the amount of water it’s trying to handle. Either the amount of water has increased, possibly due to leaking pipes in your home, or the pump that was initially installed was too small. In either case, you need immediate repairs to avoid an overflowing sump basin and water damage.


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