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Why Buy a Home Air Compressor? August 1, 2020

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Why Buy a Home Air Compressor?, Fairbanks, Alaska

From auto repair shops and construction sites to manufacturing plants and medical facilities, it’s common to see air compressors used in virtually all industries. Over the years, they’ve become an increasingly popular purchase among homeowners, as well. Today, air compressors are considered one of the most essential power tools you can own when completing almost any project around the house. Below is an overview of how they work and why you need one.

What Is an Air Compressor?

Air compressors generate and release pressurized air to help operate other tools. They’re designed as a large canister with a motor attached and can be gas or electric powered. The motor helps to forcefully fill the canister with air, and then reciprocating pistons will move down to compress the air until the pressure reaches a pre-set limit. Then, the air is transferred through a discharge valve into the tank, where it’s stored as energy until it’s ready for use.

How Can They Be Used?

power toolsTheir versatility makes air compressors a valuable tool for many different tasks. They’re frequently used to supply power for drills, sanders, spray guns, staplers, grinders, and nail guns. This makes them great for do-it-yourself projects, such as spray painting a fence and woodworking. They can also supply the air needed to fill up objects, including car tires, sports balls, and pool floats. Additionally, the high-pressure blasts of air are effective for cleaning jobs, like removing buildup from HVAC filters and pressure washing a deck or driveway.

What Are Some of the Reasons to Have One at Home?

Owning an air compressor will save you a great deal of time on household projects. They allow you to utilize power tools that are much more efficient than manual tools, which means you’ll be able to finish a job in mere seconds and move on to another task. Compressors also make life more convenient, eliminating the need to locate an auto repair shop to fill up your tires or find an electrical outlet to plug your tools into.

Another benefit of air compressors is they tend to be safer to use since they’re powered by compressed air instead of electricity. This reduces the risk of short-circuiting and electrocution.


For help keeping your air compressor in good working condition, turn to Aero Services in Fairbanks, AK. They offer high-quality maintenance and repair solutions that will ensure you get maximum performance and longevity out of your power tools. For more than 60 years, their factory-trained technicians have been entrusted to service electric motors and equipment for an affordable price. Call (907) 479-6666 to discuss your needs, or visit them online for more information about what they do.

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