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What's the Best Maintenance Schedule for Rideshare Drivers? July 24, 2020

Canarsie, Brooklyn
What's the Best Maintenance Schedule for Rideshare Drivers?, Brooklyn, New York

Although it’s possible to use your existing vehicle for a ridesharing service, the amount of maintenance needed to keep it in working order increases. Luckily, visiting an auto repair shop regularly can help you avoid unpleasant surprises. The guide below will help you decide what maintenance schedule you should follow to keep your vehicle on the road.


Auto RepairCompleting at-home weekly checks on your vehicle can help prevent easily-worn components from breaking down. For example, if you are driving over different types of terrain all week, frequently check the tread depth and pressure of the tires.

During this weekly check, you should also perform smaller maintenance tasks, such as making sure all exterior lights are working, replacing windshield wiper fluid, and making note of the engine oil levels. 

Mileage-Based Maintenance

Depending on the age, model, and performance of your vehicle, you can decide to schedule maintenance based on the number of miles driven.

  • Every 3,000 Miles: The average person drives 3,000 miles in about three months; however, rideshare drivers may reach this mileage in a shorter period of time. During this check, you should focus on the condition of our vehicle’s exhaust system, fluid levels, and air filters. If you notice anything with loose components or fluid leaks, you should seek assistance from a mechanic. Additionally, the battery and engine should have no visible damage.
  • Every 6,000 Miles: Maintenance every 6,000 miles equates to one visit to the auto repair shop in the winter and one in the summer. Since this check is more extensive, it should be completed at an auto repair shop. First, the mechanic will inspect your tires for signs of significant wearing. If they do not need to be replaced yet, the mechanic will rotate them to promote even wearing. Other biannual maintenance actions include inspecting the vehicle’s spark plugs and wires, as well as cleaning the battery terminal for better performance.
  • Every 12,000 Miles: These maintenance checks are generally completed yearly and evaluate larger systems in your vehicle. This includes replacing the brake pads, checking the AC refrigerant levels, and completing wheel alignments. All of these checks will keep you safe and provide a smoother, more comfortable ride for your rideshare customers.


If you are searching for an auto repair shop to complete maintenance on your rideshare vehicle, contact Puma's Auto Care in Brooklyn, NY. These professional mechanics specialize in a wide variety of auto care services including transmission, suspension, and brakes repairs. They are also dedicated to providing comprehensive inspections at fair prices. For more information about their services, visit them online. To schedule an appointment, call (718) 272-6306 today.

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