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How to Get Your Roof Ready for Winter September 11, 2020

New Canaan, Fairfield County
How to Get Your Roof Ready for Winter, New Canaan, Connecticut

From high winds to heavy snow, winters in Connecticut can be tough on any house—especially when it comes to the roof. But with a little preparation, homeowners can strengthen this structure against the harmful elements of the season and help it stay intact to provide reliable coverage for many years to come. If you want to avoid having to make an emergency call to a roofing contractor this winter, here are a few important matters you should address before autumn is over.  

5 Steps to a Winter-Ready Roof

1. Find & Fix Leaks

Give your roof a thorough visual inspection from the ground to spot signs of a potential leak—including missing shingles, sunken valleys, and loose flashing. You should also assess the attic for signs of moisture intrusions—such as wet insulation, mold growth, and wood rot.

If you find any leaks, invest in professional roof repairs to ensure the problem doesn’t grow worse under the added pressure of snow and ice.

2. Prevent Pest Entry

As temperatures drop, many wild animals will seek shelter wherever they can find it—including your roof and attic. To prevent this issue, seal any open areas where these critters may sneak in—such as broken vents, gaps under eaves, missing flashing, and damaged shingles.

3. Inhibit Ice Dams

roofing contractorWhen hot air rises through the attic, snow and ice on the roof can melt, trickle down the shingles, and refreeze again at the eaves. The resulting ice dam will block water from flowing into the gutters, leaving the roof exposed to excess weight and moisture.

If you noticed icicles on the eaves last year, you should have a roofing contractor upgrade the attic ventilation. New vents ensure that hot air can escape properly without creating melting snow and ice.

4. Clear the Gutters

If your gutters become clogged in the winter, water may freeze within the drainage pathway. Eventually, the blockage will cause water to spill over, damaging the roof and siding in the process.

The added weight of ice may also cause the gutters to sag or detach. To ensure proper drainage, clear out all gutters of leaves and other debris in the late fall.

5. Trim Surrounding Trees

Trim any tree branches that hang close to the roof. When exposed to winter winds, these limbs may break and puncture the structure, resulting in leaks. Trimming trees can also help make it harder for pests to cross over into the attic.


Defending your home against Connecticut winters is easy with support from Prizio Roofing & Siding. Based in New Canaan, CT, this roofing contractor will provide an in-depth inspection ahead of the season to catch and resolve many common issues—such as leaks, poor insulation, and insufficient ventilation. Visit this local business online to learn more about these comprehensive services. To request a free quote or schedule assistance throughout Fairfield County, call (203) 322-9009.

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