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4 FAQ About Propane for RVs August 14, 2020

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4 FAQ About Propane for RVs, Piedmont, Alabama

Both a heating and energy source, propane gas offers a variety of applications, including those for recreational vehicles (RVs). If you recently purchased an RV and are new to propane, take a moment to learn more about it. You’ll get an idea of what you can expect along with tips for safe use.

What You Should Know About Propane Use for RVs

Are there different tanks for different RVs?

Propane tanks for RVs come in two types. Department of Transportation, or DOT, tanks are designed for campers and other small RVs and come in several sizes and shapes. Most trailer tanks are between 20 and 30 pounds and hold 4.7 to 7 gallons of gas, respectively. Tanks for fifth-wheel RVs are typically in the 40-pound range and hold 9.4 gallons.

Motorized RVs, or those that do not require towing, usually feature tanks from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Such tanks are permanent installations instead of removable tanks and come in numerous sizes.

What benefits does propane offer?

propane gasThe gas makes it easy to operate an RV, as it provides heat and central air as well as power for your cooktop, water heater, and refrigerator. Tanks are available at most home improvement stores, gas stations, outdoor equipment stores, and RV parks, which makes it easy to refuel when you need to. And because it’s inexpensive and considered a clean-burning fuel, you will save money and keep your RV adventures eco-friendly.

How do I monitor gas usage?

If you own a motorized RV and therefore have a permanent propane tank installation, your vehicle’s main control panel will provide this information. If you own a camper or other non-motorized RV, the tank’s gauge lets you know how much propane gas you have left. Gauges are usually found at the top of portable tanks.

How will I know if there’s a leak?

Install a propane gas leak detector in your RV if one isn’t in place, which can be the case with camper homes. The detector will go off if there’s a leak, or you may smell a rotten egg or skunk odor. While propane is naturally odorless, it contains additives to help users detect leaks.

Regardless of how you detect a leak, turn off any propane-using appliances immediately and exit the vehicle as quickly as possible instead of trying to locate the leak’s source. If you are in an RV park, let the appropriate authorities know as you contact the local fire department. 


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