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3 Warning Signs of Refrigerant Leaks September 11, 2020

Wallingford Center, New Haven County
3 Warning Signs of Refrigerant Leaks, Wallingford Center, Connecticut

An air conditioning unit uses a liquid known as refrigerant to chill the air. Refrigerant should never run out, but levels could become low if the AC has a leak. This issue requires emergency HVAC repairs because refrigerant is a potentially toxic material. Here are a few red flags that indicate that a cooling unit needs prompt service.

How to Know When an AC Might Be Leaking Refrigerant

1. Warm Air

The air conditioner should blow air that matches the setting on the thermostat. If it blows overly warm air, it could have a refrigerant leak. Without this fluid, the system can’t decrease the temperature of the air it pulls in, sending out warm air through the vents.

However, this problem can also be caused by clogged filters that strangle airflow. Try changing the filters before contacting a technician for HVAC repairs.

2. Hissing Sounds

hvac repairsMany air conditioners make subtle humming sounds while running. However, hissing and gurgling often indicate cracks in the evaporator coils.

These noises are produced when refrigerant moves through the line and seeps out through the fissures. Sounds are typically more noticeable inside the house near the indoor unit, or around the outdoor component.

3. Frozen Coils

The system’s evaporator coils need enough refrigerant to absorb heat from the air pulled from inside the house. If the refrigerant levels are low, the coils can’t cool down the air, creating condensation.

The moisture can freeze upon contact with refrigerant, forming ice on the coils. After repairing the leak and recharging the unit, the technician will clear away the ice on the outdoor component to restore its functionality.


If you notice any of the above problems, reach out to Climatech Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Wallingford, CT, as soon as possible. This HVAC contractor has served homeowners in New Haven County since 1994. Their certified technicians provide quality HVAC repairs and new installations to help address a range of problems. Call (203) 269-1600 for a free quote, or visit them online for more details on their work with homes.

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