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Why You Need a Car Inspection Before Buying a Used Vehicle August 6, 2020

Canarsie, Brooklyn
Why You Need a Car Inspection Before Buying a Used Vehicle, Brooklyn, New York

Buying a used car offers several advantages, including a reduced selling price, lower depreciation rate, and inexpensive registration fees. If you want to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, schedule a car inspection before buying. Learn the advantages of doing so using the guide below.

The Advantages of Pre-Purchase Car Inspections Over Post-Purchase Inspections

When you schedule an inspection before you buy a used car, any safety, mechanical, and cosmetic issues with the vehicle are identified. You’ll learn more about the car’s maintenance history, including whether it was in an accident and if any current issues will create long-term problems, such as an old, malfunctioning transmission or engine.

Comprehensive inspections let you know exactly what you’re buying and whether to move forward with the investment. Post-purchase inspections do not provide these benefits. While getting a used car inspected afterward is a responsible choice, any problems found with the vehicle are now your responsibility instead of the last owner’s.

There’s no opportunity to negotiate the price, have the owner perform repairs to maintain the current price, or consider other vehicles because the deal is done. 

What the Inspection Covers

car inspectionCar inspections typically examine the entire exterior, including any evidence of frame damage. The inspector looks at every major auto part to ensure its functionality and safety, including the engine, transmission, brake system, tires, radiator, belts, hoses, and the vehicle’s fluids. Inspections also check for poor repair signs, such as unsightly bodywork and parts that were installed incorrectly, as well as evidence of fire and flood damage.

An inspection also entails the examination of strange odors, hidden corrosion, and malfunctioning accessories such as the radio and dashboard lights. If it’s clear the car has not undergone maintenance in some time due to issues such as dirty or nonexistent engine oil, the inspector will make notes in the final report. 


Schedule a car inspection at Puma’s Auto Care to make a confident buying decision. The auto repair shop in Brooklyn, NY, features a team of friendly, skilled mechanics who uphold the company’s three main values: quality, courtesy, and precision. Call (718) 272-6306 today to make an inspection appointment or visit the website for service details.

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