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What You Should know About Pet Insurance September 11, 2020

Homewood, Jefferson
What You Should know About Pet Insurance, Homewood, Alabama

Most people get health insurance for themselves for peace of mind in case of sudden illness and to protect their finances when medical treatments incur hefty bills. Getting coverage for your furry friend also works the same way. Here’s a quick guide on what pet insurance is and how getting a policy from a reputable insurance agency will benefit you as a pet parent.

What Is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is very much similar to health insurance for humans. However, though you might see your fur baby as a part of your family, the insurance industry considers them property.

Unlike health insurance policies for humans, which only let you consult with accredited doctors, the coverage allows you to take your pet to any licensed vet. Also, the premiums are generally low-cost, but will vary in price depending on your preferred coverage and policy plans.  

How Does Insurance Protect Your Pet?

Accident Coverage

insurance agencyIf an accident happens and your pet is insured, your furry friend can have the treatment they need without your having to break the bank. This coverage includes bite wounds, broken bones, torn ligaments, eye trauma, and poisoning, among other medical issues.

Illness Coverage 

Dealing with illnesses like arthritis, infections, or cancer can be hard for your pet and you as well. A policy can take the financial burden off your back so that you can focus on supporting your furry friend to get better.

Keep in mind, however, that most insurance agents limit illness coverage for pets with advanced age. So, it would be practical to get insurance while your pet is young.

Wellness Coverage

This coverage includes annual exams, spay or neuter procedures, routine vaccinations, and tick and flea treatments. Wellness coverage is optional, so if you prefer to pay for these expenses yourself, you can choose not to get this with your policy.


If you’re looking for a reliable insurance agency that offers pet insurance, check out American Insurance Agency. Serving clients since 1986, this full-service insurance agency provides auto insurance, home insurance, renters insurance, boat insurance, and other related services. Tell them about your needs and budget, and they can recommend the carrier that will best fit your needs and preferences. Call (205) 940-9977 or visit their website to learn more about their insurance services.

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