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The Benefits of a Deadbolt Lock for an Apartment September 10, 2020

Kips Bay, Manhattan
The Benefits of a Deadbolt Lock for an Apartment , Manhattan, New York

When you move into a new apartment, there are a few simple security upgrades you should employ. The most important one is installing new and improved locks. Although there are many options to choose from, many apartment owners champion the deadbolt lock. This is a second lock, separate from your doorknob, and it is usually installed right above it. It has a small knob to lock and unlock it on the inner side of the door, and a keyhole on the outside. There are also models that require a key from both sides, or that can’t be unlocked from the outside. When it’s locked, a steel or brass bolt slides from the lock into the doorframe. Below, learn about the benefits of having a locksmith install a deadbolt lock. 

3 Benefits of a Deadbolt Lock 

1. Improve Security

If an intruder is trying to enter your apartment, they might pick the lock, drill it, or simply force the door open. A quality deadbolt prevents all of these situations. It adds a second lock to pick, which is often more difficult than the one already on your doorknob. It’s usually made of sturdy steel that’s difficult to drill through. Finally, a deadbolt is more sturdy and stands up to more force than the one found in an ordinary doorknob. This helps prevent “kick-ins,” where an intruder forces the door open and breaks the lock or frame by kicking it.

2. Prevent Damage 

LocksmithThe box is the gap in the doorframe where the bolt goes when it locks. A deadbolt has a separate box from your doorknob, and it’s usually reinforced with a heavy-duty strike plate and three-inch to four-inch screws. Combined with the greater length of the deadbolt, which is usually about an inch long, this can distribute any force applied to the door over a larger area made of stronger materials. If you want to make the lock even stronger, you can replace the traditional box and strike plate with a strike box. This fixture is made up of a metal box inside an even larger strike plate and offers more reinforcement.

3. Create Cost-Effective Protection

Hiring a locksmith to install a deadbolt is extremely affordable, even with a high-quality lock. This is due to the materials used and the ease of insertion. Sometimes, forcing a door can simply break the doorframe. However, with a deadbolt, this is much less likely. This means you won’t have to pay to have the doorframe repaired, which is more costly than simply repairing or replacing a lock. It’s a very small investment that can pay off in big ways. Keeping intruders out helps protect all of your belongings, and the expense of replacing stolen belongings is usually greater than installing a lock.


If you’re ready to upgrade your apartment’s security with a deadbolt, turn to ADA NY Locksmith Inc. in New York, NY, for help. For over 30 years, their licensed and insured employees have provided reliable service from both their mobile unit and their storefront. They guarantee all of their work and products, as well. To get started, call (212) 689-1803. 

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