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3 Tips for Discussing Hearing Aids With a Loved One September 10, 2020

3 Tips for Discussing Hearing Aids With a Loved One, Groton, Connecticut

Hearing loss is often challenging to adapt to and accept. In fact, over 80% of US adults between the ages of 55 and 74 who could benefit from hearing aids don’t wear them. Broaching this subject with a loved one requires sensitivity and empathy, as well as some essential knowledge, so follow these steps to help you talk it over.

How to Talk About Hearing Aids With a Loved One

1. Choose the Right Moment

It can be tempting to tell someone they need hearing aids in a moment of frustration or concern, but this will likely make them feel scolded and resistant. Instead, plan for your conversation, and ask to speak with them at a convenient time and place. Choose a quiet, private area to talk while sharing an activity you enjoy together, and make sure the person you care about feels comfortable. This will help them understand that you’re speaking out of love.

2. Explain the Benefits

hearing aidsThe best way to convince someone to try a new technology is to explain how it'll help them or improve their quality of life. For example, impaired hearing can often interfere with the ability to enjoy conversations, games, movies, and music. Pointing out how hearing aids can help solve these problems will go a long way in getting your loved one to come around to the idea.

3. Stay By Their Side

Show that you’re on their side by offering to help your loved one research their options. You can also accompany them to appointments with audiologists and other specialists. With a reliable, friendly presence by their side, your friend or family member will feel more confident about getting hearing aids.


To help your loved one start the process of getting hearing aids, turn to County Hearing And Balance in Madison, CT. These compassionate professionals have provided reliable service to residents of Southeastern and Shoreline Connecticut for over four decades. To book an appointment, call (203) 245-1950. To learn more about how they can help your loved one, visit them online.

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