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What Is Air Sampling? September 11, 2020

Bridgeport, Fairfield County
What Is Air Sampling?, ,

The air we breathe is full of many substances and materials. Most are safe to inhale, but some, like asbestos, can be hazardous and cause a variety of health issues. Below is more information about air sampling and why you may want to schedule an inspection today. 

A Guide to Air Sampling

What Does Air Sampling Mean?

It’s the process of collecting samples of air within a home, building, or specific area and testing it for the presence of various contaminants and dangerous materials. The contaminants are then measured against the recorded volume of the air sample taken to find the concentration of each substance and determine if it’s at a hazardous level.

How Are Air Samples Collected?

asbestosAir samples can be collected in different ways, depending on the type of substance you are looking for. Active air sampling, which is used to collect volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds such as asbestos, is performed by passing air through a tube-shaped device filled with a solid sorbent material that absorbs the contaminants.

Filter sampling, which is used to collect contaminants in vapor form, is performed by passing air through a sample pump with a filter inside. When the contaminant reaches the filter, it performs a chemical reaction and is converted into a stable form that can be tested. 

What Can Air Sampling Find?

Air sampling can test for a variety of contaminants. This includes dust from wood and metals, gases and vapors, airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, and allergens. Air sampling can also test for dangerous fibrous materials, such as asbestos, that can lead to many health problems, including cancer. 

What Types of Air Sampling Are There?

There are two main types of air sampling: area and personal. Area sampling tests the number and concentration of contaminants in a certain area, like the room of a home or a construction site. Personal sampling tests the contaminants of an area in the context of how dangerous they are for a person to breathe.  


If you would like to schedule an air sampling inspection, contact the experts at Astech in Bridgeport, CT. The experts are state-licensed asbestos abatement contractors who serve residential and industrial areas. From testing to abatement, these professionals can safely handle hazardous asbestos to ensure the safety of your family or team. Learn more about their business by visiting their website or call (203) 335-0502 to speak to a professional. 

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