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3 Benefits of Concrete Floors September 8, 2020

3 Benefits of Concrete Floors, Meriden, Connecticut

From hardwood to ceramic tile, there are a wide array of flooring materials for modern homeowners to choose from. Chances are, you haven’t spent much time thinking about concrete and how it would serve your home’s design. However, this material isn’t just for commercial and industrial applications. Learn more about how this sturdy substance will improve your house below.

Prime Advantages of Concrete Flooring

1. Durable

Compared to other flooring materials, concrete is one of the most resilient options on the market. Unlike wood, it isn't vulnerable to warping or mold growth. It also won’t chip or scratch like natural stone or tile, whether you’re entertaining a group or rearranging your furniture. Additionally, if you have pets, this material will stand up to their claws and accidents for years to come.

2. Low-Maintenance

concreteConcrete doesn't require polishing, refinishing, or labor-intensive grout scrubbing to stay clean. To remove dry debris from this flooring material, you can sweep or vacuum with ease. For sticky messes, use a mop and a strong surface cleaning solution. It doesn't matter what kind, as there's no need to worry about fading or other types of cosmetic damage.

3. Sleek

Concrete is also a bold choice for interior design enthusiasts. When you're crafting an industrial-chic living space, this aggregate will serve as the ideal, minimalist foundation. You can opt for a glossy sealant to give your floors an eye-catching sheen, or stick with the earthy matte for a more natural look. If you have a concrete patio or walkway outside, interior concrete floors will also create the illusion of a seamless, unending living space.


If you’re interested in concrete flooring, turn to The L. Suzio York Hill Companies of south-central Connecticut. This business dates back over a century, and they’ve been offering concrete supplies since the 1930s. Whether you’re planning a residential or commercial project, you can rely on their convenient ordering and delivery program to get the aggregates you need on-time. To learn more about their offerings, visit their website. To put in an order today, call (203) 237-8421.

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