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Cincinnati's HVAC Contractor Shares Tips on Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter December 1, 2015

Cheviot, Cheviot
Cincinnati's HVAC Contractor Shares Tips on Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter, Cheviot, Ohio

According to Hader, Cincinnati, OH's leading furnace repair and air conditioning maintenance contractor, it is continued maintenance throughout the year that keeps a home from losing heat during the winter. Through attentive maintenance, homeowners are able to avoid costly repairs and system parts replacement. Heating systems are usually trouble-free, but there are some things that you can do to ensure your furnace continues to be efficient when it gets cold outside.

  • Change Furnace Filters Regularly: It's the quickest and easiest way to maximize the efficiency of a home heating system and prevent future system breakdowns.

  • Clean And Lubricate Blower Motors: Most furnace motors are permanently sealed by the manufacturer and require no user maintenance. Some motors have covered oil ports located near the motor's shaft. Any motor with oil ports should be lubricated annually with a few drops of non-detergent motor oil.
  • Check Thermostat Batteries: Sometimes, when a heating system fails to function properly, it is because the batteries in the thermostat are weak. Before a service call is made, it's wise to check for dead or weak batteries.
  • Annual HVAC Services: Keeping a heating and cooling system in optimal working condition calls for having it professionally serviced by an experienced HVAC contractor. The right time to schedule a heating repair or have a heating system looked at is at the end of the heating season. The same goes for air conditioning maintenance and air conditioning repair visits, which should be scheduled near the end of the summer season.

Hader offers new clients free heating system assessments to ensure that their systems remain in healthy operating condition. Other services they perform include duct sealing, roofing integrity checks, and regular maintenance plans. Call the company's Cincinnati, OH office at (513) 661-1910 to learn more about their home heating comfort solutions, or visit their website to have them initiate the call.