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A Basic Guide to Car Mats August 1, 2020

Columbia, Boone
A Basic Guide to Car Mats, Columbia, Missouri

Most cars don’t come with floor mats, but many dealers offer them as an accessory at the time of purchase. While they might seem like an unnecessary add-on, they actually play an important role in keeping your car in working condition, as well as making car detailing easier. Here’s what you should know about floor mats and how to choose the best ones.

Why Get Floor Mats?

The obvious reason to use mats is to protect your car’s carpets from stains that would require car detailing to remove. However, it’s what’s under the carpet that’s important. Your car’s floor pans form the base for the floor, giving you a point to pivot from when getting in and out, letting you rest your feet while you drive, and protecting you from the road. The floor pans are made of metal, and if they get wet, they can rust. The problem is especially bad if they get wet repeatedly, such as when you climb into the car with water, snow, or mud on your shoes. Floor mats provide an extra barrier between that dampness and the floor pans.

What Kind Should You Choose?


Car DetailingRubber floor mats are rugged and will stand up to years of heavy use no matter how much mud, water, or sand you track in. Compared to carpet, they make car interior cleaning easier since they’re simple to rinse off. They also provide a more effective water barrier, so they’re ideal for vehicles often exposed to mud, slush, and rain. Finally, they tend to be cheaper, so they’re easier to replace.


Carpet floor mats are the most popular because they’re attractive. They come in a wide range of colors and textures and can match your car’s built-in carpeting or improve on it. They aren’t as durable as rubber floor mats, so carpet mats are best for lighter use and for creating a luxury feel in your vehicle. They’re ideal if you want to keep your car as attractive, yet they require frequent detailing.


If you want to take good care of your car’s flooring, schedule car detailing at Auto Embassy in Columbia, MO. Since 2015, they’ve provided Boone County with skilled car interior cleaning and exterior wash, wax, and auto detailing services. To make an appointment, call (573) 397-4167 or visit their website. They even have a VIP text club with reminders for your vehicle’s inspections, so you never have to worry about losing that new car look again. To sign up, text JOIN to 573-226-6198 and receive a free car wash.

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