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4 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean While You Cook September 9, 2020

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4 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean While You Cook, Anchorage, Alaska

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of preparing a delicious meal for yourself or your loved ones. Although cooking can be highly rewarding and enjoyable, it can also be a rather messy task. Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to make the process a little less cluttered. Below are four house cleaning tips to keep in mind.

How to Keep the Kitchen Clean While You Cook

1. Clean up First

It’s best not to begin cooking in an already chaotic kitchen, which could otherwise derail your efforts to maintain a clean space while you work. Empty the dishwasher so that you can quickly load dirty cookware. Wipe down the countertops and the sink as well with antibacterial products. It’s safer for you to prepare food on a clean surface, and you’ll have less to clean when you’re done.

2. Soak Your Utensils

house cleaningIt’s easy to lose track of multiple utensils when you’re preparing multiple dishes. As part of your house cleaning efforts, prepare a bowl with warm water and some dishwashing soap. Whenever you’re finished with your utensil, simply toss it in the bowl. If you need it again, you just need to rinse it out in the sink. Just remember to keep utensils that handle raw meat separate from others to prevent contamination.

3. Wipe Messes Promptly

It can be overwhelming to realize you have to handle a complete house cleaning project after you’ve prepared a meal from scratch. Avoid that by tidying up as you go along. Any time something spills, wipe it up right away. This will also help prevent stains from settling into sensitive, porous countertops or flooring.

4. Toss Your Trash

If the trash can is situated in a cabinet, you can simplify the situation by setting it by your side while you cook. You don’t have to think about wandering back and forth to toss items out. Dump empty packages and items you can’t rinse down the drain directly inside a bag. You’ll save plenty of time during the cleanup phase, and will be able to quickly dispose of this garbage outside so that the kitchen does not smell. 

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