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Do’s & Don’ts of Economizing Printing at the Office September 11, 2020

Charleston, Staten Island
Do’s & Don’ts of Economizing Printing at the Office, Staten Island, New York

No matter how much work is done digitally and online, printed materials are still prevalent in every office. Whether it’s a contract or a report, it’s useful to have certain information on paper. Unfortunately, this often comes at the cost of excessive printing. Unless there are print management services in place, it isn’t uncommon to go through significant amounts of paper and ink. If this is happening in your offices, here’s what you can do to cut clutter down.


Explore and employ print management services.

Responsible for monitoring and optimizing a company’s printer usage, a print management services company can keep things on the right track. They’ll assess how your team is currently using the printer to understand how to reasonably, and sustainably, make reductions.

Furthermore, hiring one will make it easier for your employees as they won’t have to deal with the minutiae of troubleshooting problems or replenishing the supplies. 

Reduce margins, font sizes, and colors whenever possible.

print management servicesAlthough print management services can help with the hardware, software, and supplies, only your employees can handle the content. Adjusting the margins and fonts may seem minor, but they do make a difference, especially if your documents often end with just a few lines on the last page.

Printing in grayscale or limited colors will also help, especially since color ink and toner costs a bit more. 


Forget about duplex or double-sided printing.

Besides making adjustments, you can also make the most of your supplies by printing on both sides of the document. You’ll save half of your paper stock doing this.

Keep in mind that although duplex printing is a popular feature, it’s not available on every printer. If you’re unsure whether your office printers have it, consult your IT or print management service team. 

Ignore the company print policy.

To ensure your employees follow these suggestions, establish a printing policy and enforce it. Educate them on the tips above and set up rules on what can and cannot be printed.

For example, documents like emails or financial statements contain sensitive, confidential information and should never be printed on the company printer. Then, set up quotas and charges as necessary.


If your workplace is seeking reliable print management services, get in touch with Alpha Laser Richmond in Staten Island, NY. For nearly 30 years, they’ve provided expert PC and printer repair services for all five boroughs of NYC. They also sell the top brand ink cartridges. To learn more about their services and inventory, visit their website or call (718) 317-1263.

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