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Why Should You Have Your Trees Pruned & When Should It Be Done? July 24, 2020

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Why Should You Have Your Trees Pruned & When Should It Be Done?, ,

The goal of planting a tree is to keep it growing so it develops healthy foliage. But in many cases, keeping this plant growing means having to routinely trim back its branches—a process known as pruning. Typically, this task is best handled by professional arborists who know how and when to cut these limbs in a safe manner that doesn’t put the tree in danger. If you’re wondering how to keep your landscape in good shape for many years to come, here are a few reasons to invest in professional tree pruning and when you might need to get the service done.  

What Are the Benefits of Tree Pruning?

Prevents Decay

A damaged or dead branch can impact the health of the rest of the tree by depleting nutrients or spreading disease. Clipping these problematic limbs off will help shield the plant from these vulnerable areas.

Promotes Growth

When trees, particularly conifers, come out of their dormant period in the spring, they will use nutrients, water, and sunshine to grow and thrive. Trimming away smaller or weak branches helps ensure these resources aren’t wasted on insignificant areas. Instead, healthier parts of the tree will use these resources for sustainable growth.

Arborists can also prune healthy limbs so that when the tree becomes active, it will focus on healing the clipped area—a process that encourages new growth.  Professionals may also make strategic cuts to control the direction of growth and create the desired shape.

Improves Flowering

tree pruningTargeted pruning is often used to help limbs split and grow more branches. When the blooming season arrives, these new branches will bud and produce even more flowers than in the previous year.

When to Prune


Most trees should be pruned in the winter when they are dormant. During this time, the plants are less susceptible to damage caused by insects and disease.


Flowering trees should be typically be pruned after the first bloom. This usually happens in the early spring. However, since blooming patterns can vary between species, its best to consult a professional.

When Problems Arise

In general, you should never schedule pruning during the fall. Trimming at this time will leave branches weak and unable to heal before winter arrives. However, if a limb appears damaged or diseased, it should be carefully removed by an arborist to prevent further issues.


Owned and operated by a licensed and ISA-certified arborist, Hill Tree Keepers is a leading resource for tree pruning in Newburgh, NY. Backed with expansive horticultural knowledge, this provider knows when and how to trim branches to deliver healthy and aesthetically-pleasing results. In addition to pruning, this team offers many other services to preserve your landscape—including 24/7 emergency services and complete tree removal. To learn more about these commercial and residential tree services, visit this local business online or call (914) 214-7045.

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