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A Guide to Strength Training & Cardiovascular Health July 25, 2020

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A Guide to Strength Training & Cardiovascular Health, Dothan, Alabama

When it comes to promoting cardiovascular health, aerobic exercises like running, cycling, and swimming are commonly recommended. Yet, an exercise doesn’t have to be classified as cardio to promote your cardiovascular wellness. In fact, strength training also has heart-healthy benefits, such as the reduced risk of heart attacks. Here’s what you should know about lifting and its cardiovascular benefits.

How Does Strength Training Benefit Cardiovascular Health?

According to research, strength training is associated with reduced heart attack risks. It’s believed that this type of exercise reduces the amount of fat located around the heart sac, also known as the pericardium. Reduced fat content in this region is linked to a lower risk of heart disease. Interestingly, only weight training appears to minimize this type of fat.

Which Exercises Are Best for the Heart?

heart attackResistance workouts are effective for boosting blood circulation throughout the body. For example, using the leg press with resistance bands at the gym can increase blood flow throughout the lower body. If you’re working out at home, try doing squats or lunges while using bands for a similar effect. You can also strategically target other areas, such as the back, with moves such as lat pulldowns or dumbbell rows.

Research suggests you only need to perform one hour of strength training total per week to achieve benefits such as reduced heart attack risk. Just be sure to ease into weight lifting or bodyweight workouts if you’re new to this type of exercise. A personal trainer can help you determine the right weight and number of reps or sets for your fitness level.

Are There Any Other Positive Effects of Weight Training?

Weightlifting has several benefits beyond cardiovascular health. For one, it can help to eliminate the stubborn fat within the abdominal region, which can also help reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues. Strength exercises may also help you achieve better sleep since having more muscle mass can help you fall asleep quicker and prevent you from waking up frequently during the night.


If you have cardiovascular health issues, the team from Premier Cardiology Consultants can help you make the best choices to support a healthy lifestyle and reduce your heart attack risk. Serving Dothan, Andalusia, Ozark, and Enterprise, AL, these trusted specialists provide comprehensive cardiology services, including screenings and treatments. Find out more about their services online or call (334) 699-6396.

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