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3 Tips for Using Black Paint in Your Home September 1, 2020

Avon, Hartford County
3 Tips for Using Black Paint in Your Home, Avon, Connecticut

When it comes to interior design, dramatic choices often have the biggest payoffs. You may have shied away from using dark colors in the past, but black interior paint may be just the adventurous decision to take your home from ordinary to glamorous. Here’s how to make the most of this bold color.

How to Use Black Paint in Your Home

1. Paint an Accent Wall

Compared to a piece of furniture or artwork, the walls make up an overwhelming amount of a room’s surface area. If you’re worried about black interior paint looking overpowering, just use it on a single accent wall. Place your favorite light-colored furniture and artwork against this wall so that they appear like spotlighted figures on a dark stage.

Paint the rest of the walls off-white, blush pink, or even pale blue to increase the contrast. To unify the two extremes, include the same black hue in an object on the opposite side of the room, such as a throw pillow, small area rug, or a few floating shelves.

2. Add Depth to Small Spaces

interior paintWhile light colors can reflect natural light to make spaces seem larger, small and windowless rooms may benefit from all-black interior paint. In the guest bathroom or hallway, black walls could give the illusion of infinite space, adding extreme depth to an otherwise cramped area.

To brighten up the space, use an overhead fixture with a lampshade that diffuses the light throughout the room. In addition to expanding the home’s smallest rooms, black paint will serve as a chic, sophisticated statement—which is perfect when there’s little space for decor or furniture.

3. Utilize Undertones

From eggshell to snow, you may already be familiar with the many shades of white that are available. However, many consumers are unaware that black also comes in a variety of hues.

Most black paint can be separated into two groups: cool and warm undertones. Cool black is best for complementing blue or purple furnishings and decor. For spaces with brown, orange, and other warm tones, choose a warm black paint.


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