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What Is White Cement? September 7, 2020

Manchester, Hartford County
What Is White Cement?, Manchester, Connecticut

When discussing cement, most people think of that smooth, matte gray surface in garages or warehouses. Many consumers are surprised to hear that a white option is available for their building needs. If you’re interested in learning more about this construction aggregate and how it differs from its gray counterpart, take a look at this guide.

What Is It?

Aside from its color, white cement is essentially the same construction aggregate as its gray variant. However, the manufacturers must start with slightly different raw materials to produce the lighter pigmentation.

Specifically, white cement contains no more than 0.5% ferric oxide. This ingredient gives the substance its color, and less of it results in a lighter shade.

White cement is more of an off-white hue than its name suggests. Still, it’s much lighter in color than standard gray cement, which allows for more flexibility and predictability when adding pigments.

How Is It Used?

construction aggregateIf a construction company wanted to produce a building facade with peach-colored cement, they would need to start with a white version and add orange pigment to reach the desired pastel hue. If they were to start with gray, they would end up with a murkier, darker color that would be hard to fine-tune.

White cement is often used for projects where the surface will be highly visible. While gray cement is prized for its sturdiness in utilitarian applications, the white version is used for projects that prioritize curb appeal or interior design. You might see polished floors in an office lobby made from white cement, while warehouses or factories prioritize the functionality of gray cement.

White cement is also prized for being more reflective. When used inside buildings, it reduces the need for artificial lighting by enhancing natural light and lowering energy bills.

When used on facades, the white surface reflects sunlight, cooling off the building instead of absorbing the heat. The reflective nature also increases visibility for sidewalks and pathways, which is a valuable safety measure at night.


If you’re interested in using white cement for your project, get in touch with the team at Manchester Aggregate Supply. This Connecticut company supplies a wide range of construction aggregates, including traprock, gravel, and ready-mix concrete, to residents throughout Hartford County. They can deliver the materials directly to your site in their own trucks. To learn more about their offerings, visit the website. Call (860) 643-5578 for more information. 

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