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How to Keep Your Child From Getting Sick at Day Care September 4, 2020

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How to Keep Your Child From Getting Sick at Day Care, Brookline, Massachusetts

As a parent, forcing your child to get a flu shot is never easy, but you know the vaccination is crucial to keeping them healthy. But in addition to doctor’s visits, what else can you do to help your little one avoid colds and viruses? If they’re going to day care every day, it can be difficult to shield them from germs. To prevent the risk of them falling ill, use the following tips.

3 Ways to Prevent Your Toddler From Getting Sick

1. Consider Their Diet

At home, you can help enhance your child’s immune system from the inside out. Focus on feeding them fruits and vegetables, as these are rich in Vitamin C and other immunity-boosting properties. 

Entice them by cutting up oranges and create a design on their plate to make the fruit more appealing, or serve them yogurt with fresh berries for breakfast. If you pack them a lunch, choose a vitamin C-packed juice and swap potato chips for crispy kale chips.

2. Teach Them Smart Habits

day careWhile your toddler may not completely understand the concept of viruses and germs, you can instill smart habits at this early stage of development. Before every snack or meal, bring your little one to the sink and make hand-washing a fun activity. 

Sing their favorite song while encouraging them to lather up before putting their hands under the water. When they sneeze or have a runny nose, show them how to properly use a tissue and throw it in the trash. 

3. Make Sure the Staff Is On Board

The next time you pick up your child from day care, ask to speak with their caregiver. Find out what the staff is doing to protect the children from spreading and catching germs. For example, they should be washing their own hands after helping feed children, blowing their noses, or changing diapers. They should also send children home when they start showing signs of sickness, know when to call out sick themselves. Make sure there is a sink available in the classroom for little ones to wash their hands, and if necessary, a step stool.


If you’re looking for a day care that will prioritize your child’s health and safety, turn to Tiny World Child Care of Brookline, MA. Here, your child will learn from bilingual staff members in a well-rounded and enriching environment. In addition to improving your child’s mind and socialization skills, you can trust this staff to consider your little one's physical health at every turn. To learn more about their policies and curriculum, call (617) 232-0115, or visit the website.

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