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3 Benefits of Tree Pruning & Trimming September 11, 2020

Newburgh, Orange County
3 Benefits of Tree Pruning & Trimming, ,

This fall is the time to have your tree pruning and trimming done. This essential tree care task will give your trees what they need to stay healthy and strong year-round. Tree trimming offers several important benefits, including those highlighted below.

The Importance of Annual Tree Pruning

1. Damage Removal

Tree branches can suffer damage from weather, disease, and pest infestations. Dead branches can become a serious hazard because they will eventually fall off a tree without warning, potentially harming people or property in the area.

Your arborist knows the red flags of dying or dead branches to look for, including visible fungus, dead leaves, and no leaf growth. They will then remove these branches before they become a safety issue.

2. Pest & Disease Protection

newburgh tree pruningYour arborist will also remove any parts of the tree that are affected by pests, such as mites or aphids. They’ll look for telltale signs such as small holes chewed through the leaves.

They will also remove any areas affected by fungus or disease, which might make all the leaves on the affected branch turn brown or make chunks of bark fall off without growing back. Because pest infestations and diseases can spread quickly, mitigating these threats early is vital to protecting the overall health of the tree and the surrounding landscape.

3. Stronger Growth

An arborist knows how to trim a tree to control the future growth. The areas they target will encourage the crown shape you want or remove parts with weak growth, so the tree can use its precious energy to focus on healthier areas that are more likely to thrive.

Pruning also removes thick foliage so sunlight can reach lower branches and plants beneath the tree. You will notice renewed growth in the trimmed areas after they have been pruned.


The certified arborists at Hill Tree Keepers have more than a decade of experience utilizing tree pruning best practices in Newburgh, NY. They will begin by inspecting the tree, and can then determine the best way to improve its health, appearance, and safety. If your dead tree has become an emergency, their emergency tree service is available 24/7. Learn more about their services online and call (914) 214-7045 to schedule a free quote.

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