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How to Straighten Your Hair Without Damaging It July 22, 2020

Meeting House Hill, Boston
How to Straighten Your Hair Without Damaging It, Boston, Massachusetts

Many people use straighteners to create smooth, sleek hairstyles. However, frequently using this heat tool can dry out your hair and increase split ends and breakage. Protect your locks by keeping them healthy and following these tips.

4 Tips for Safeguarding Hair Against Heat Styling

1. Condition Twice

Conditioner can revitalize hair by bringing back moisture lost during heat treatments. Consider using conditioner before washing your hair and after cleansing to prevent frizz and split ends. Invest in a high-quality brand to prevent drying out your hair further. 

2. Use a High-End Straightener

hairstyleInexpensive straighteners often offer two settings: on and off. If the controls are limited, it’s impossible to choose a heat setting that works best with your hairstyle. Choose a styler that has varied heat settings so you can find the perfect temperature for your hair. Thinner strands will straighten at lower temps, while thick locks require higher settings. 

Look into straightening irons that feature ceramic plates because they evenly distribute the heat instead of overheating part of the hair. Titanium straighteners warm up faster and hold heat, so they’re perfect for thicker, curly locks. 

3. Use Thermal Protectant

Thermal protectant hair spray often contains isododecane and trisiloxane, which allow your hair to straighten faster while minimizing frizz. The ingredients form a temporary silicone resin to create a barrier against heat. Spray the mix on your locks a moment or two before using a heated hairstyle tool to make them smooth and manageable.

4. Take Rest Days

Your hair will naturally rehydrate when you don’t use a straightener every day. Take days off from heated tools and practice casual hairstyles like a messy bun or a high ponytail. You’ll need to cut off split ends and breakage less frequently when you use a hair straightener sparingly. 


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