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4 Types of Garage Door Openers September 7, 2020

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4 Types of Garage Door Openers, ,

When installing a new garage door, in addition to the design of the door, you also get to choose which type of opener you want. Is overhead storage space a priority, or is having a quiet opener more important to you? Use this guide to learn more about a few popular types of openers to help you find the right one for your garage and lifestyle.

A Guide to Different Garage Door Openers

1. Chain Drive

A chain drive resembles a bicycle chain connected to an electric motor. The motor pulls the chain up in order to open the garage door. If you have chosen to install an aluminum garage door, a chain drive may be the best option, as it works well with heavy doors.

These openers use thick metal chains, making them reliable and long-lasting. This type of opener usually creates more noise than other kinds. Chain drives require annual inspections, as the metal-on-metal friction causes wear and tear over time. 

2. Screw Drive

Using a long, threaded rod, screw drive openers can pull open wide garage doors with ease. Their simple design means they require little upkeep besides occasionally lubricating the gears.

These mechanisms make much less noise than chain drives. This can benefit people who work long or odd hours that necessitate leaving early in the morning or arriving late at night. 

3. Belt Drive

Garage Door

Belt drives are probably the quietest openers on the market. A belt drive works similarly to a chain drive but uses a rubber belt that wraps around the gear to pull the door open.

The rubber limits metal-to-metal contact, which minimizes noise.

4. Wall Mount

Wall mount openers attach to the wall instead of the ceiling and utilize pulley and cable systems to open and close garage doors. This allows for more overhead space for storage. These models are ideal for people who are looking for a quiet opener, as wall mounting limits any vibration produced by the motor.

If you have a garage without a ceiling-mounted electrical outlet, a wall mount opener will make for easy installation.


Contact Overhead Door Company of Brookfield for personalized help choosing the right garage door opener. Since 1993, this accredited installation and maintenance company has serviced both standard and custom doors throughout Fairfield County, CT, and the surrounding area. Call (203) 740-7691 to schedule a free estimate, or visit the website for a detailed list of openers and accessories.

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