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Are Termites Dangerous? September 11, 2020

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Are Termites Dangerous?, Bolivar, Missouri

Termites are colony insects that no one wants in their home. While there is a general understanding of how these critters can cause severe damage to buildings because of their diet of cellulose in wood, paper, and drywall, they pose other risks that many are not aware of. Consider the brief guide below to learn more about the dangers of termites and what you can do about them.

Why Are Termites Dangerous?

Though termites can bite and sting, their bites are not harmful, and they won’t attack unless provoked. These insects are also not known to carry diseases, unlike other pests like cockroaches. However, infestations can trigger unwanted allergy or asthma symptoms in people who are sensitive to the irritating particles they shed around their nest, including droppings or saliva.

termitesHomeowners sometimes use harsh chemicals to rid the home of infestations. Most of the pesticides sold in stores to kill or repel termites are potent and often underestimated by homeowners.

Some people don’t allow the pesticides to dissipate before they go back into the house, and they can be susceptible to illness or respiratory irritation as a result. It’s best to contact a professional exterminator to eliminate the infestation with the appropriate chemicals and applications.

What Are Signs of an Infestation at Home?

Unfortunately, termite infestations can go undetected for years. However, there are warning signs that a colony is present on your property. Pay close attention to the wooden features of your home. If you notice blisters in your wood flooring that looks like water damage, it could be the result of subterranean termites feeding on the floor.

You may also see discarded termite wings around entry points to your home, like windows and doors. Hollowed or damaged wood behind walls is another sign of a colony making its way through your home. You might also see termite droppings. These insects prefer to keep their gnawed tunnels clean, so they will discard their excrement out of the holes they make. If you spot mounds of tiny pellets, call an exterminator immediately.


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