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Do’s & Don’ts While You’re at an Urgent Care for Kids September 4, 2020

Do’s & Don’ts While You’re at an Urgent Care for Kids, Bronx, New York

As a parent, it’s likely that you’ll visit an urgent care center when your child falls ill. Knowing what to expect and when to go can help you protect your child’s health and avoid unnecessary worry. Below are several do’s and don’ts of pediatric urgent care visits. 


Plan ahead for emergencies.

First, look up all the urgent care facilities near you and choose which one you’ll go to if needed. Put the phone number and address in your phone, or write them down somewhere handy. This way, in an emergency, you’ll already have the information you need and can go straight to the urgent care.

Pay attention to behavior changes.

Urgent CareWhen something changes with your child’s health or mental well-being, the first signs may not be obvious, such as coughing. Instead, their behavior or mood may change. They may be irritable, quiet, lethargic, or anxious.

You know your child best, so keep an eye on them. If their behavior seems odd, talk to them about it and schedule an appointment with their pediatrician to diagnose the issue. 


Visit your personal doctor. 

Children often have different medical needs than adults. Pediatric and family providers are more familiar with those needs than your personal doctor. When choosing an urgent care, make sure they have a pediatrician on-site.

Ignore moderate injuries.

If your child has an obvious broken bone or another severe injury, it’s obvious they need medical help. On the other hand, if they just have a small cut or bruise, it’s easy to care for that at home.

Injuries that fall in the middle can be more difficult to judge, and some parents try to treat them at home when their child would be better off with professional medical care. This includes sprains, burns, head injuries, and possible hairline fractures. If you have any doubts, go to an urgent care.


If your child needs urgent care, bring them to HDR Healthcare Network in the Bronx, NY. Serving the Manhattan and the Bronx areas since 2013, their pediatricians diagnose and treat various ailments in children. From fevers to rashes, these doctors will provide you with answers and help you boost your little one’s health. Their providers are bilingual in Spanish and English as well, so they can provide care for families of all backgrounds. Call (929) 256-5005 or visit their website for more information. 

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