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What Are the Signs That Your Bathtub is Leaking July 20, 2020

Fennimore, Grant
What Are the Signs That Your Bathtub is Leaking, Fennimore, Wisconsin

If you enjoy a good bath, you will want to take proper care of your bathtub to ensure it will last. This will include identifying a need for professional plumbing repairs. While some bathtub leaks may be obvious, that’s not always the case. This guide will help you determine how to locate a leak.

4 Factors to Consider in Looking for a Leak

1. Know the Common Leak Points

The drain is the most common place for a leak to start, and it’s one of the first places your plumber will check. Over time, the fittings that connect the drain pipe to the drain on your tub can become loose, or erode. Other common areas for leaks to develop are either from the tub spout or the showerhead. In either case, you should look for water leaking from around the fixture as the water is running.

2. Time the Leaking

A leak that occurs after you take a bath indicates a problem in your tub, or in the fittings that connect your tub to the plumbing pipes. However, if you see water leaking from the walls, or notice leaking at odd times, you may have a leak in the pipes within your bathroom walls. In that case, plumbing repairs will require replacing or tightening the pipes inside your walls.

3. Check for Leak Causes 

Plumbing RepairsThere are a couple of methods for isolating the source of the leak, so you can be more specific in speaking to a plumber. For instance, you can lay newspaper on the floor surrounding your tub. If the leak is the result of a crack in the tub lining, or an ill-fitted drain pipe, the newspaper will be wet in the area of the leak.

However, if you suspect the leak is coming from the tub spout or shower head, you should see dampness of the grout in that area. When leaks have persisted for a longer period of time, you may also see an erosion of the grout.

4. Look for Water Damage

You may also see water damage in the area surrounding your tub. This can include warped or loose floor tiles, or stains on the floor surrounding the tub. It may also include bulging wall tiles in cases where the leak is behind the wall. Peeling paint, cracked walls, or the development of mold are also damages that result from water leaks.



Once you identify a problem that requires plumbing repairs, contacting a professional contractor will help you get the problem fixed properly. Located in Fennimore, WI, H & N Plumbing, Heating & Electrical has been serving the community since 1958. Their skilled and certified technicians can help you with any electrical, plumbing, or HVAC needs you may have in your home or business. To contact them, visit their website, or call (888) 822-3258.

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