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4 FAQ About Eating Oysters August 21, 2020

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4 FAQ About Eating Oysters, Bon Secour, Alabama

If you’ve never feasted on oysters before, you might be a little bit confused about how exactly to consume them. The shellfish are renowned for their health properties and mild flavor profiles. Learning how to eat them properly will help you feel better prepared the next time you visit an oyster bar. Here’s what you need to know.

What to Know About Eating Oysters

How exactly do you eat an oyster?

The best way to eat the meat from the oyster bar is fairly straightforward. The bottom line is that there’s no real right or wrong method. At a bare minimum, you should use the provided fork to gently loosen the oyster so that you can easily consume it. Then, simply hold the shell and eat the oyster. Some people slurp it down, but you should chew it to enjoy the seafood’s flavor fully.

Should you pour the juice out?

oyster barAfter the shell is shucked, a small amount of clear juice remains at the bottom. This is filtered seawater, more commonly referred to as the oyster’s “liquor”.

You shouldn’t pour it out, or you risk losing a substantial flavor that complements the taste of the meat. Note that if there isn’t any liquor present in the shell, it’s likely that the oyster isn’t fresh since, as it ages, the liquid begins to evaporate.  

What are some ways to eat oysters?

Seafood restaurants often serve condiments at the oyster bar. Many are rich and flavorful, but they could drown out the flavor of the oyster. If you want to experience the seafood at its truest, use just a touch of lime or lemon on top to bring out the purity of the flavor.

If you’re ready to branch out and try something new, experiment with different recipes that appear on the menu. Many platters are served with cheese, vegetables, and sauces that nicely complement the seafood.

What happens if the oyster “resists”?

Sometimes the oyster doesn’t quite come loose, in which case you’ll need to use the fork or a finger to nudge the muscle away from the shell. If this connection persists, keep at it with the fork in a gentle, wiggling fashion.

Be cautious to prevent the liquor from spilling. If the oyster doesn’t glide easily when you tip the shell back, you can use your fork to urge it into your mouth.


If you’re ready to enjoy oysters like a pro, check out Tin Top Restaurant & Oyster Bar in Bon Secour, AL. Serving the community since 2004, the family-owned restaurant is renowned for its oyster bar and diverse menu of crab, sashimi, and steakhouse favorites. Visit the website to browse the menu, or call (251) 949-5086 to speak with a staff member.  

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