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4 Ways to Avoid Car Damage in Parking Lots September 4, 2020

Northgate, Colerain
4 Ways to Avoid Car Damage in Parking Lots, Colerain, Ohio

Any time your vehicle is on the road, including in parking lots, damage is possible. However, there are ways to reduce the potential need for auto body repairs whenever you park. To avoid getting dings or scratches on your car, follow these tips.

How Can You Keep Your Car Safe in Parking Lots?

1. Park Away From the Building

People tend to park close to their destinations, which means parking lots are usually fullest near buildings. The more cars are around you, the more chances you have of something hitting your vehicle. For this reason, try to find a secluded spot toward the back of the lot and walk.

2. Take Corner Spots

auto body repairIf you must park near the building's entrance, try to secure a corner spot. With this type of parking space, you'll only have a vehicle on one side, which means your other one is protected. Additionally, you can park close to the outer line to give the neighboring driver more space to open their door.

3. Check for Passengers in Neighboring Cars

If the car next to the parking spot you want has passengers in the backseat, you may want to consider parking elsewhere. If more than one person is in a car close to you, you could end up with dings in multiple spots. However, if you only see a driver, you can park on their passenger side and safely assume that door will not open.

4. Park Near Favorable Vehicles

Some vehicles are less likely to damage your car from swinging doors. For instance, motorcycles don't have doors to open, so the chances of them accidentally scratching or denting your vehicle is low. Also, vans and SUVs that have sliding doors are preferable because their doors don't move outward.


If you need auto body repairs after sustaining damage in a parking lot, trust the team at Engel’s Auto Service & Towing to bring your car back to its original condition. Located in Cincinnati, OH, this company has helped drivers since 1966 with towing and auto body services. To learn more about their options, call (513) 385-8246 or visit them online today.

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