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Exploring the Evolution of the MacBook® September 4, 2020

King of Prussia, Montgomery County
Exploring the Evolution of the MacBook®, ,

Over the last few decades, the MacBook® has emerged as an impressively innovative and powerful icon in the history of computer products. This Apple® device has undergone several evolutionary cycles to become as popular as it is today. Here’s a dive back through time to understand its transformation. 

PowerBook® (1991–2006)

In 1991, Apple released the PowerBook 100, a major upgrade on their first laptop, which was called the Macintosh® Portable. Among its major innovations were a trackball accessible for both right- and left-handed individuals as well as a setback keyboard, creating space for a user to rest their palms.

1994 introduced the PowerBook 500 and its trackpad, allowing users to move their cursors more easily with just a finger. It also featured an Ethernet port for convenient internet connection as well as impressive speakers. Over the years, other PowerBook models brought more innovations, including a slot for CD-ROMs, more powerful hard drives, and longer battery life. 

Macbook Pro® & Beyond (2006–2011)

The era of the MacBook Pro changed the paradigm once again. In addition to a bold new design, the biggest news was the introduction of an Intel® processor, which was four times as powerful as its PowerBook predecessor. The debut model in 2006 also brought a backlit keyboard for better viewing, increased brightness, and more protections for the hard drive.

Two years later, it was followed by the MacBook Air®, which was designed to be lightweight and portable. It marked the continuation of Apple creating even more tailored machines for different audiences.

Stronger & Faster (2012–Present)

Apple devicesWith Apple devices having asserted dominance in the marketplace, the company turned its eye to improving its Pro and Air lines even more. The Pro became equipped with Retina® display, which created a hi-res experience for users. It also boasted more storage, all while ending up lighter and thinner.

Even though the Air is slim and small, its specs continued to be enhanced with gains in storage and RAM. Based on recent history, the future continues to be bright with further forward-thinking improvements. 


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