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A Brief Guide on the Necessity of Excavating August 10, 2020

Chillicothe, Ross
A Brief Guide on the Necessity of Excavating, Chillicothe, Ohio

Excavating technicians use large machinery to move heavy materials for residential, industrial, agricultural, and commercial use. This critical construction component is helpful for many purposes. Here is a look at a few ways you can benefit from excavation.

When Can Excavation Be Helpful? 

1. Installing a Septic Tank or Water System

Most septic tanks are buried several feet underground to protect them from trauma and the elements without crushing them with the weight of heavy soil. It’s more efficient to dig holes with excavating equipment than to use a shovel to do it by hand. 

Water wells require holes up to 30-feet into the earth and benefit from drills and excavation equipment, like backhoes, to reach the aquifer and provide sanitary drinking water.

excavating Ross County OHYou can use these machines to connect a new building to a city sewage system by installing a sewer main from the municipal line near the road to the home. This task requires digging a trench between two- and six-feet-deep. Midwestern sewage pipes are often on the deeper end to insulate them from the freezing winter temperatures and prevent the pipe from bursting. 

2. Removing Snow

If heavy snow piles up, it can be challenging to shovel or remove it with a snowblower. Excavation machinery, like bulldozers and loaders, are equipped with tough tires or tracks to maintain traction on slippery surfaces while moving.

It can be safer for homeowners to contact professionals after a major storm than risk injury and take hours to clear snowy driveways themselves.

3. Preparing a Building Site

Construction teams use excavating machinery to prepare building sites before digging a basement or pouring a foundation. Equipment like loaders and cranes can remove boulders, move earth, and take out deep tree roots to create a clear path for the project to begin.

4. Creating a Garden

The soil on your property may not offer enough nutrients to promote plant growth. Some homeowners truck in large amounts of dirt to enrich the soil and create in-ground or container gardens. You’ll need excavating equipment to remove the dirt from the vehicle and place it at the new garden site. 


Individuals who need excavating assistance should contact Gillum Excavating and Demolition in Ross County, OH. The expert technicians have more than 50 years of experience using top-notch equipment, like heavy machinery. Visit the Chillicothe-area company on the website or call (740) 773-3425 to learn about their lot clearing, demolition, excavating, and site work services.

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