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3 Signs a Home Needs Air Duct Cleaning August 17, 2020

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3 Signs a Home Needs Air Duct Cleaning, Andalusia, Alabama

In homes with a traditional AC and furnace system, ductwork is used to distribute air throughout the home. While these ducts don’t need a lot of maintenance after they’re installed, they do require occasional cleaning. Otherwise, your home’s air could be contaminated by dust, pet hair, and other airborne irritants. To help you maintain an air duct cleaning schedule, here’s a closer look at what signs you should look for.

How to Know Your Home’s Ducts Are Dirty

1. You’re Experiencing Allergies Out of Season

It’s common for people to experience seasonal allergic reactions to plant pollen, but if you have ongoing allergic symptoms, it’s possible that your ductwork is exacerbating them. If you or a family member has an allergy to mold spores or dust mites, you may experience flare-ups if the ducts are carrying them. Have a professional test your home’s air quality and clean the ducts if any irritants are present.

2. Your Home Is Always Dusty

Even if dirty ducts aren’t causing you to have an allergic reaction, they may be making your home dirtier and lowering indoor air quality. Take a look at the HVAC vents throughout your home—is there visible dust clinging to the register? Do you feel like you have to dust your home constantly? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, it’s possible that your HVAC system is circulating excess dust that isn’t getting trapped by your air filter.

3. You’ve Just Remodeled Your Home

Even if you only remodel one room and block it off with plastic sheeting, dust has a way of turning up throughout your home, helped along by your HVAC system. Once your remodeling project is done and you’re enjoying the renovations, take the time to call an air duct cleaning professional. They’ll thoroughly remove any construction dust left in the ducts so you can breathe easy.


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