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Should I Repair or Replace the Toilet? September 1, 2020

Pine Grove, Amador
Should I Repair or Replace the Toilet?, Pine Grove, California

Schedule an appointment with a plumber as soon as you notice something wrong with the toilet. They’ll pause the water flow, inspect the issue, clear the line, and check the flush mechanism. After the diagnosis, they’ll recommend their solution, whether it’s simple repairs or a new installation. While the professional will make the call, you can get informed about your options by learning which solution solves which issues.


The toilet will likely need a minor fix if there’s an issue with its mechanical components. These parts include small but essential pieces, like the flapper valve, chain, fill line, and handle. Repairs are faster, easier, and less expensive than replacements. For example, if the toilet is leaking, a plumber may only need to replace the wax seal around the outgoing pipe.


plumberReplacements are necessary anytime the toilet’s body is damaged. The porcelain can crack if it’s old, hit with force, or augered improperly. These breaks in the material cause leaks that will flood the bathroom or consume excess water during each flush. The bowl’s interior can also become scratched over time, making it appear dirty even when it’s clean.

Replace the fixture if it’s old, as these models tend to use more water than modern, low-flow varieties. For instance, many older toilets use as much as 3.5 gallons of water per flush, while newer versions use as little as 1.6. As a result, replacing the fixture may help reduce your monthly water bill.


If your bathroom toilet isn’t functioning properly, turn to the plumbers at Amador Plumbing in Sutter Creek, CA. These professionals have helped homeowners maintain and repair their fixtures for over 20 years. If the toilet is worn beyond repair or you want a new look, they’ll quickly install your chosen model. To get more information about their services, visit the website or call (209) 223-2204.

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