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3 Ways a Clean House Boosts Your Mood September 7, 2020

Gaithersburg, Montgomery
3 Ways a Clean House Boosts Your Mood, Gaithersburg, Maryland

House cleaning can be a daunting process, and some may put it off until messes pile up. However, it is well-known that a clean house offers multiple mental health benefits. To encourage you to prioritize tidiness, below are some of the benefits to your well-being that result from a clean house.

3 Emotional Benefits of a Clean House

1. Stress Relief

Dirt, clutter, and general mess wreak havoc on stress levels. Occupants of such environments face continual, often subconscious, low-level anxiety about the uncompleted task and about the possibility of unexpected visitors. This can raise cortisol levels and cause unease. Cortisol is the stress hormone, and high levels of it can result in weight gain, fatigue, acne, irritability, and high blood pressure. People living in a clean house may feel lighter, freer, and far less bound by anxiety due to less visual clutter. 

2. Confidence to Entertain 

imageYou are likely to feel more confident entertaining family and friends after a thorough house cleaning. You may be more receptive to guests and more comfortable hosting dinners and parties in your home. Furthermore, the confidence you gain by such interactions creates a feedback loop that might make it more likely that you'll keep the house clean in the future. 

3. Fewer Arguments

House cleaning is a common reason for family arguments. Spouses may become agitated over a mess, and parents may become irritated at their children over uncompleted chores. Such squabbles disrupt family tranquility and can lead to fights. A clean house removes this common cause of family tension and can result in a satisfying and comfortable home life.


To enjoy the emotional well-being that comes with a tidy living area without the need to perform constant house cleaning, contact Maid Brigade of Rockville, a respected residential cleaning service in Gaithersburg, MD. They serve clients throughout Montgomery County and the surrounding areas and offer regular maid services and use only green cleaning products. Learn more about their team on their website or call (301) 424-6243 to arrange a house cleaning consultation.

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