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3 Maintenance Tasks for Screen Doors September 4, 2020

Makakilo - Kapolei - Honokai Hale, Ewa
3 Maintenance Tasks for Screen Doors, Ewa, Hawaii

Installing screen doors on house entrances is essential in warm, tropical locales. Air can filter in to improve ventilation and keep interiors cool while ensuring insects and wildlife remain outside. But there are a few common problems associated with the fixtures, from mesh tears to corrosion. To avoid concerns with security and performance, follow this maintenance advice.  

3 Tips to Keep Screen Doors in Good Condition

1. Stick to a Cleaning Schedule

Salt from the sea air, chemicals, moisture, dirt, and other grime collect on screens and framing materials, corroding them. Particles can also filter into the house and compromise air quality. To maintain the condition of screen doors and keep your family healthy, clean the fixtures every few weeks.

With the door detached from the entrance, use a vacuum nozzle attachment to extract dirt from the mesh. Next, mix water with a natural, all-purpose cleaner and wash down the screen and frame. After, use a garden hose to remove the residue. Let each fixture dry before reinstalling.

2. Lubricate & Reinforce Locks

Waipahu-Hawaii-screen-doorA faulty locking mechanism on a security screen door puts the safety of everyone inside at risk. To ensure locks function properly, routinely wipe them off with a microfiber cloth. Use a silicone-based spray to lubricate bolts and other movable parts. This will prevent keys from getting jammed and other problems a locksmith would have to address. Get a screwdriver to reinforce any loose nails and fasteners. 

3. Coat Mesh Screens in Neem Oil

Screen doors are meant to provide a barrier between the inside of your house and bugs. However, grasshoppers and crickets will eat through the fiber mesh.

To prevent pest destruction, coat the screen in a bug repellent. For example, Neem oil is a non-toxic insecticide that will fend off these intruders. The oil also compromises the ability of grasshoppers to lay eggs, which can curb infestations in or around your house.


To feel the cool breeze of the trade winds in your Hawaii home, contact the Oahu-based professionals at KKTF Hawaii. Serving customers for over 15 years, the business is known throughout Oahu for their impressive selection of sliding and hinged screen doors to complement various architectural styles. The staff will also perform screen replacement to restore the value of your current investments. Call (808) 800-2230 for inventory details, or get a quick overview online.

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