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3 Reasons Your Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out July 16, 2020

Andalusia, Covington
3 Reasons Your Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out, Andalusia, Alabama

Do you have a light fixture that keeps burning out no matter how many times you change the bulb? This common issue is responsible for a lot of headaches. Fortunately, electrical contractors frequently tell customers that it’s easily solvable once you know why it’s happening. Here’s a look at the most common causes behind frequent burnouts. 

Why Do Your Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out?

1. You Need a Lower Wattage Bulb

Sometimes, people accidentally pick up a bulb with a wattage that’s too high for the lighting fixture. The fixture then emits too much heat, which causes the bulb to burn out more quickly and increases the risk of a fire. That’s why you should always look for a bulb that meets your fixture’s specific wattage suggestions. 

2. The Bulb Isn’t Installed Correctly

electrical contractorWhen you don’t screw in a light bulb tightly enough, it won’t receive enough voltage and may burn out prematurely due to improper electrical contact. This problem often causes flickering before the bulb burns out. To solve it, make sure you screw your light bulbs snugly into their sockets. 

However, avoid screwing them in too tightly. A bulb that’s screwed in with too much force may also burn out quickly. That’s because tight screwing can bend the socket tab (the metal tab at the bottom of the socket) so it loses proper contact with the bulb. This lack of proper contact can lead to an electrical flaw called arcing, which cuts the bulb’s life span short. To fix it, turn off the power to the fixture and use needle-nose pliers to gently angle the tab upward so it contacts the base of the bulb. 

3. The Power Supply Voltage Is Too High 

An electrical outlet that supplies more than 120 volts will cause most bulbs to burn too brightly and die prematurely. Make sure your light bulbs aren’t connected to 220-volt outlets, which are designed for stoves and other high-voltage appliances.

If you think you’ve connected the bulb to the right outlet, check the outlet’s voltage using a multimeter. If the number’s higher than 120, call an electrical contractor to inspect your system and resolve any problems. 


To keep all your lights burning beautifully, turn to the team at Walker Electric Inc. Based in Andalusia, AL, these electrical contractors will thoroughly inspect your lighting system and perform any needed repairs with care and precision. In business for over 70 years, they also specialize in HVAC services and electrical rewiring. Learn more about the company online and call (334) 222-2481 to schedule an appointment. 

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