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3 Common Summer Tree Care Problems July 17, 2020

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3 Common Summer Tree Care Problems, Macedon, New York

Although summer is a time when plants are in full bloom, there are still a variety of concerns that can affect their health. This includes the trees in your yard. If you’re unfamiliar with tree care, it can be difficult to identify when your trees need professional attention. To better understand which issues are cause for concern, take note of the following. 

A Guide to Summer Tree Care Concerns

1. Spotty Leaves

If there are fine, white spots on the leaves, they are likely caused by powdery mildew, which thrives in heat and humidity. Although it can dry up some younger leaves, this disease isn’t destructive, and you don’t have to worry too much about managing it.

If the condition is widespread, however, a tree care expert can prune away problem areas and may recommend changing your watering schedule to minimize moisture levels. 

2. Leaf Drop

tree careIt is normal for deciduous trees, like elms, oaks, and maples, to have some leaves fall near the end of summer. However, for some maple trees, early leaf fall can be worrisome, especially if it happens annually. This could be caused by verticillium wilt, a fungal disease that commonly affects sugar, silver, and Japanese maple trees.

This disease essentially clogs the roots and prevents water and nutrients from flowing, which is why the leaves die and drop off early. Verticillium wilt is incurable, so prevention is critical. Scheduling regular tree care services will allow an expert to monitor your tree’s health and take any necessary preventative measures.

3. Fungi on the Trunk

Trees can also be affected by fungal diseases that grow on the trunk, usually near the roots. For evergreen trees like pines, spruces, and firs, you need to watch for annosum root rot. As this disease progresses, the bark becomes pale yellow, then light brown, and finally white with black dots. You may also see wide, tan, or brown fungal growth at the base of the trunk; these are known as conks, or shelf fungi.

While prevention is preferable, a tree care expert can apply a treatment to stop the spread of the fungus if it is caught early enough.


If you notice any problems with the trees on your property, contact T & L Tree and Landscape. Based in Monroe County, NY, this tree and landscaping company has served the region for nearly 20 years. Whether you need basic pruning or full stump removal, this team will get the job done right. They also offer tree care services through every season, so you never have to worry about falling behind on maintenance. Learn about their tree care services online, or call (585) 223-3190 with any questions.

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