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3 Tips for Teaching Preschoolers to Wash Their Hands July 20, 2020

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3 Tips for Teaching Preschoolers to Wash Their Hands, Lincoln, Nebraska

Amidst a global pandemic, proper hand-washing is more important than ever before. Preschool children often overlook this vital practice, exposing themselves and others to illnesses. While educating young children on the importance of hand-washing can help, there are additional steps you can take to ensure your child is cleaning their hands thoroughly and often.

How to Teach Young Children To Wash Their Hands

1. Lead By Example

Children tend to learn by example. Teach your children proper hygiene by washing your own hands before and after cooking, eating, using the bathroom, or after working and playing with your hands. 

Show them how you wash the tops of your hands, in between fingers, around wrists, and under fingernails. Encourage them to wash their own hands while you demonstrate to them the proper technique. Before long, they'll be able to perform the same actions without help.

2. Make It Easy

preschoolIf the sink, faucet, or hand soap are out of reach for your preschool child, they might feel intimidated and avoid hand-washing completely. Make the process easier by supplying a children's step stool. Get a lightweight one that they can move on their own to help them reach the sink while also giving them a sense of independence. 

3. Make It Fun

Children are more inclined to participate in an activity if it's fun and rewarding. Make the process fun by choosing a child-friendly soap dispenser. You could even let them choose one at the store. Consider buying bar soaps with prizes inside. This will encourage them to wash more frequently to get to the toy within.

To ensure they're washing long enough, teach them a special hand-washing song. Have them time their hand-washing to coincide with singing the happy birthday song or the alphabet song. You can even provide a small sand timer to help them keep track of time.


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