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3 Differences Between Residential & Commercial Demolition July 16, 2020

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3 Differences Between Residential & Commercial Demolition, Chillicothe, Ohio


Demolition involves the controlled leveling of a building. Virtually any standing structure can be demolished, from single-family homes to multiunit apartment buildings, from office spaces and skyscrapers to industrial settings like factories and warehouses. But different processes and equipment are used in residential building demolition than are used in commercial building demolition.

The Differences in Demolishing Residential & Commercial Structures

1. Equipment

A residential dwelling is typically much smaller in size than a commercial construction, so the machinery needed to take down a residence is usually lighter, less disruptive, and more controlled.

In a large building like a commercial property, demolition might be carried out with the well-regulated use of explosives; explosives are rarely, if ever, used on single-family homes.

2. Site Management

While both residential and commercial demolitions demand careful planning and oversight, different dynamics come into play at each. For instance, at a home demolition, the main point of contact will likely be the property owner; all requests, questions, and approvals will go through them.

demolitionAt a business demolition, a general contractor will organize and manage the site and serve as the point person. Also, different levels of care are needed. A home demolition needs to take noise levels, surrounding homes, and the natural environment into account so as not to disrupt or damage the neighborhood.

Businesses tend to take up much more space than homes, and they are rarely located in residential neighborhoods, so the site work can be conducted with equal attention to detail but looser parameters around noise and general disruption.

3. Building-Specific Concerns

Businesses are more apt to need special handling of potentially dangerous substances, like the removal of asbestos used in commercial building materials or the removal of hazardous chemicals that the former business may have left onsite.

Prior to demolition, these items need to be safely and lawfully taken out of the structure and disposed of properly. Residences have far fewer special needs before the demo can commence.


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