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How to Improve Your Preschool Child's Attention Span August 19, 2020

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How to Improve Your Preschool Child's Attention Span, Lincoln, Nebraska

For children, preschool marks the beginning of their formal education journey. To enhance child development and ensure they succeed in a classroom setting, parents should strive to find ways to increase their attention span—since this will help them grasp new concepts faster. Here are a few tips to boost your young one’s concentration. 

4 Ways to Expand Your Children’s Attention Span

1. Play Games That Require Focus

Like most skills in life, it becomes easier to learn when you are having fun. To increase your child’s ability to concentrate, embrace board games and puzzles. Their interest in collecting pieces or cards—or in seeing the pretty picture come together—will encourage them to stay on task and also give them a sense of accomplishment when they see the activity through until the end. 

2. Create Daily Routines

Establishing patterns that are followed daily can help your child settle into each activity and focus accordingly during that time frame. Create a schedule that includes specific time slots for games, reading together, taking a nap, and eating. Not only can knowing what to expect from their day make tasks easier to accomplish but entering classrooms with regimented schedules will be a simpler transition. 

3. Limit Screen Time

preschoolStudies have found that children who spend two hours or more each day in front of screens—whether it be watching television, playing video games, or exploring a smartphone—have a more difficult time paying attention. In addition, the blue light from these devices can also harm the eyes over long periods. With this in mind, limit screen time as much as possible.  

4. Prioritize Diet, Sleep & Exercise

Often, children with attention problems are overly tired, bursting with energy, or impacted by high or low levels of sugar in their system. Sticking to strict bedtimes, providing a physical outlet to burn off excess energy, and ensuring your little one enjoys regular meals that are rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains will give them the physical and mental well-being to truly concentrate at preschool. 


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